The 50 things that will save the planet

Great article written by The Guardian on 50 ways to save the planet, have a read and see what steps you can take to help…

The top 20: What the panel prescribes

Dramatically improve the energy efficiency of electrical goods
Religious leaders to make the environment a priority for their followers
Encourage the widespread use of solar power throughout the world
Secure a meaningful post-Kyoto treaty on reducing the emissions that contribute to global warming
Encourage households to generate much more of their own power
Introduce tax incentives to “buy green”
Tackle the rapid growth in aviation emissions
Wean ourselves off dependency on petroleum
Encourage individuals to buy less non-essential “stuff ”
10 Dramatically improve public transport
11 Aim for a “zero waste” culture
12 Install “smart energy” meters in all homes
13 Introduce a measure of economic success that includes the environment
14 Fully harness Britain’s huge potential for generating renewable energy
15 Seek alternative, less damaging sources for biofuels
16 Bury carbon dioxide from power stations underground
17 Encourage hydrogen fuel cell technology in cars
18 Implement government policies to control global population growth
19 Reach international agreement on preserving rainforests
20 Create better incentives to improve energy efficiency in the home

Read the full list and start to make a difference today


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