LED lighting – A major player at the Olympics.

The use of LEDs at the London 2012 Olympics played a paramount role in overall logistics and the execution of the Opening and Closing ceremonies. Here we look more in depth at five areas where the use LEDs made parts of the Olympics stunning and practical as they were.

1. The Olympics Rings

As one of the highlights of the Opening ceremony, the visual effects of the rising of the Olympic rings symbolising the Industrial Revolution was stunning. To create this 14,00m of LED lighting was used. The spectacle was able to go forward due to the sustainable nature of LEDs. The games were contracted to be eco-friendly.

2. Light displays amongst the stadium crowds

LED- lit seats in the Olympic stadium allowed for lights to change colour, forming dynamic visual displays of form, pattern and text. The use of 9-LED modules on each Olympic seat was the base for these acclaimed lighting extravaganzas. In total, 14, 00 lamps were supplied to make this achievable.

3. Tower Bridge

As previously mentioned on the blog in May, LEDs were used to ignite Tower Bridge. The bridge was lit in gold a total of 29 times following every success of a British athlete or team claiming the top position. In the long term, the use of these LEDS here are set to cut current energy usage by a whopping 40%.

4. Dove bikes at the Opening Ceremony

The “dove bikes” were created by Paul Hughes who works for a company specialising in extreme sports displays. Tiny LEDS were sown into the fabric wings of the riders dressed as doves. Lights could be operated using a switch wired to the handlebars allowing riders to switch off their lights in the event of any technical mishap.

5. Olympic Park

The colossal 246-hectare Olympic Park was illumined at night by 25,000 Tetra PowerMAX LED modules and Tetra LED Drivers. The use of LEDs created a unified aesthetic for the park using light levels of 15 or 30 lux with a colour temperature of 3000K. Light levels will be dropped to 15, 5 or 2 lux following the end of the Paralympics.

The use of LEDs undoubtedly contributed hugely to the eco-friendly approach of the Olympics. This allowed the games to not only follow the contract but be visually delectable and on current lighting trend. Home owners and retail companies can also utilise LED lights in the form of AR111 LED bulbs or GU10 LED lights to be eco-friendly.


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