LED lights – the lighting of the future

LEDs have existed for decades. Whilst ten years ago you might only know them for lighting up the back of your watch or in flashy toys, LEDs have come a long way and are currently dominating lighting technology. From your home, to your car and now your TV screen – LED technology has revolutionised lighting in many technologies and products.

LEDs in your home

Traditionally, incandescent bulbs and halogen bulbs have been used for lighting but are notoriously energy inefficient. CFL bulbs (compact fluorescent lamp) are fluorescent bulbs that were first used as energy saving alternatives to traditional bulbs. LEDs are now superseding CFLs as the leading energy saving light technology.

Until recently, LEDs have been too expensive for many residential applications or personal buyers. LEDs are now affordable for many families and when you consider you can save up to 85% on your lighting bill in your first year alone, you can often see a return on investment after 12 months.

CFLs were also often derided for their slow warm-up time; it often took a couple of minutes for a CFL bulb to light at full power and people compared them unfavourably to incandescent bulbs that would reach full power instantly.

LEDs are a fantastic alternative to incandescent or halogen bulbs as they offer the same light temperature, brightness and wattage and can shine at full strength immediately. Combine this with their unparalleled lifespan and energy efficiency and you can see why many people are turning to LEDs in the home. Although the initial cost to buy an LED bulb may still be high, the savings you can make over its lifetime more than pay for the initial investment.

LEDs in businesses

LEDs are also increasingly used in businesses. Shops, restaurants and offices are often required to have several lights on all day at the same time – this is very different from how a house or family uses lights. Having inefficient lights on at the same time all day can lead to significant electricity bills!

Increasingly businesses are turning to LEDs to cut energy waste and save money. Whereas CFLs were sometimes not bright enough for specific retail uses, LEDs offer a fantastic light quality, temperature and brightness meaning GU10 LED bulbs, AR111 LED bulbs and MR16 LED bulbs can be used for shop displays and lighting without compromising the shopping experience.

LEDs are not only beneficial for their light quality; their energy efficiency means they do not generate nearly as much heat as traditional halogen bulbs. An enclosed room that utilises halogen spotlights can heat up be several degrees meaning businesses may need to spend additional money on air conditioning to cool the temperature down. Furthermore, for food stores or eateries, raising the ambient temperature can cause issues for keep the produce fresh. LED bulbs can help solve this issue.


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