Taiwan adopts LED lighting

The benefits of LED lighting are there for all to see. The energy cost savings they bring to businesses are well documented, but what about governments?

So, if LED’s can save businesses money by reducing their electricity bills, then why not governments to? The Taiwanese government has certainly been paying attention to the development of LED’s.

LED street lightingThe Taiwanese Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently said that if all streetlights nationwide were replaced with LED lights, an estimated 15.4 trillion units of electricity could be saved annually.

Environmental Protection Administration Minister Stephen Shen made the remarks at the opening ceremony of a two-day forum on achieving a sustainable and low-carbon environment.

He estimates that up to $2 billion (US dollars) in fuel costs for generating electricity could be saved if all streetlights used LED lights.

There are over 1.5 million traditional streetlamps in Taiwan. Mercury vapor and high-pressure sodium lamps, which comprise the bulk of the overall total, account for 52 percent and 35 percent, respectively, according to government statistics.

Calculating an energy saving rate of 60 percent after switching to high efficiency lighting, about 15.4 trillion units of electricity, which is approximately the amount of electricity generated by a power plant, could be saved each year, the administration said, adding that it could also save up to NT$3 billion in fuel costs each year, amounting to NT$60 billion over the 20-year life span of the lamps.

The EPA also said its initial estimated cost for switching over all streetlights to high-efficiency LED lamps was between NT$50 billion and NT$90 billion and it was negotiating with agencies and private corporations for contributions.

According to the Ministry of Economic Affairs’ Bureau of Energy, the Executive Yuan has approved the use of LED streetlights, and will invest NT$2.8 billion over three years, starting from this year, to replace 3.26 billion mercury streetlamps with lamps of 60 percent electricity saving rate.


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