Tower Bridge gets LED makeover for Jubilee

2012 is a special year for the UK. With the Olympic Games being held in London and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee this summer, which celebrates her 60 years on the throne, the eyes of the world will be on the country and particularly London.

One of the most recognisable landmarks in London is Tower Bridge. Both tourists and locals will be delighted to see that the bridge has been given and LED makeover for the celebrations. Over the last six months teams have been designing and installing the new system on the 117 year old bridge, creating a fantastic spectacle as seen below.

Tower Bridge LED

Over the six month period the teams managed to lay almost 2,000 meters LED linear lights, 1,800 LED lamps and 1,000 junction boxes running over 5,000 meters of cable.

Ironically enough, designed by the French firm Citelum, the installations are expected to weather London’s weather for the next 25 years with a 40 per cent energy saving over the previous lighting rig.

Citelum has blended many shades of colours of variable intensity. The lights can be “heat formed” to fit a variety of architectural needs and enhance the Victorian gothic turrets, stone towers, and walkways that make this the 117-year old bridge one of the world’s most recognizable sights.

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, says: ’I want London to look her very best in 2012 as the eyes of the world are upon us. Tower Bridge is one this city’s most stunning landmarks recognised the world over and therefore deserving of a star role in these year-long celebrations. I am thrilled to have brokered this deal – at no cost to the taxpayer – to bathe Tower Bridge in eco-friendly light to create a fresh perspective of this wonderful icon. This is another great legacy for London stretching for decades beyond the Olympic year.’

More pictures of London’s Tower Bridge with LEDs

Tower Bridge LED-6

Tower Bridge LED-5

Tower Bridge LED-4

Tower Bridge LED-3Tower Bridge LED-2


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