GU10 LED explained

LED’s are becoming an increasingly popular form of lighting in the home for several reasons.The cost of living has increased considerably in recent years, in particular heating and lighting a home.

As a result housholds and businesses around the country are looking to become more energy efficient. The days of traditional incandescent light bulbs are coming to an end with new lighting options such as GU10 LEDs.

GU10 LED bulbs

GU10 LEDGU10 LED bulbs are extrmley energy efficient and reliable. They consume less than 4.5w of energy compared to its 50w incandescent equivalent. This makes it hugely cheaper to run and is significantly more environmentally friendly.

You will also find that with LED there is a fantastic range of lighting options. For example this GU10 LED is available in warm white, white, cool white, daylight and cool daylight. This gives you as a homeowner or business to have great control of the lighting environment you live or work in.

What makes the GU10 so energy efficient

The reason LED lights such as the GU10 are so energy efficient compared to incandescent or halogen bulbs is because they don’t generate heat as part of the illumination process. LEDs don’t have a filament, so not only can they not burn out, but they don’t waste any energy when producing light.

In an incandescent bulb, electric current runs through the filament, heating it up until it glows and produces light. All of the heat produced is a complete waste of energy, as the point of incandescents is illumination, not heat production.

LEDs produce light via the movement of electrons in a semiconductor material, so it’s an entirely different process. Almost no energy is wasted in light producing LEDs, with nearly all the electric current going toward the production of light.

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