Low Voltage MR16 Halogen Bulbs to be Banned by 2013

As part of the Ecodesign legislation in the European Union, low voltage MR16 halogen bulbs are set to be phased out in 2013. Slightly better performing MR16 halogen bulbs can remain on sale until 2016. The Ecodesign legislation is the same piece of EU legislation that saw incandescent lamps and bulbs banned.

Going forward, the Ecodesign legislation outlines several minimal technical specifications including lifetime of the bulb and energy efficiency.


MR16s are widely used in both commercial and residential settings so this may have a significant impact on your home or your business.MR16 LED

What should you do if you want to change your halogen MR16s? Switching to MR16 LED bulbs has never been easier and there a countless benefits. Istoria LED’s MR16 LED bulbs are fantastically energy efficient and last 50,000 hours!

Istoria LED MR16 Technical Specifications

Our MR16 LEDs offer market leading energy efficiency and light quality. Due to our industry leading G9 chip technology, our MR16 LED are unparalleled for all your lighting needs. Our MR16 LEDs feature:

  • 4.5w power consumption
  • Lifespan of 50,000 hours
  • Temperature of 30 – 50 °C
  • Equivalent to 50w halogen MR16
  • 3 year guarantee

We also stock fantastic dimmable MR16 LED bulbs which are great for the home. Unlike halogen bulbs or other lights, dimmable MR16 LED bulbs do not change colour temperature (white to yellow) when dimmed.

To learn more about our MR16 LED range, please visit our website. You can also call us on 0208 341 9222 or email us at sales@istorialed.com.


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