7 Reasons to Switch to LED Bulbs

LEDs, or Light-emitting diodes, have several advantages over your every day incandescent or halogen light bulbs. Although other bulbs may be less expensive to purchase, LEDs are a much more cost effective to power and offer several benefits that other bulbs cannot. If you don’t have LED bulbs yet, here are seven reasons why it’s time to switch.

1. LEDs have a longer life

LEDs last more than 50,000 hours. That is around 15 years if lights are left on 8 hours a day. This is twice as long as fluorescent blubs and twenty times as long as incandescent bulbs. That means you could change incandescent light bulbs more than 20 times over the lifespan of one LED bulb.

2. LEDs are low in heat

LEDs operate at a temp of 40-50 degrees as opposed to others that get as hot as 400. On average, one 50w incandescent light bulb could heat up a small room by 5 degrees per hour. Switching to LEDS will reduce cooling costs and energy costs.

3. LEDs are energy efficient

IstoriaLEDs are eco friendly and energy efficient. Our bulbs have over 80% energy efficiency which means that only a small fraction of energy is lost in heat production. Less waste of energy means a smaller carbon footprint.

4. LEDs provide better lighting

LED bulbs produce better light quality. Colours are more exact with no need for reflectors or filters. Istoria bulbs also light to full strength at start up.

5. LED lights are perfect for dimming

LEDs are better for dimming. Incandescent bulbs turn yellow when they are dimmed but LEDs withhold colour integrity. Our GU10 LED bulb uses 3 high powered LEDs to create a fantastic dimmable replacement for your existing 50w halogen bulbs.

6. LED bulbs are safer for you and the environment

LEDs are safer to use because there is no UV or infrared beam. This makes LEDS perfect for the food and industry. There are also no traces of mercury or lead in LEDs so they are better for you and for the environment.

7. LEDs will save you money

You can get 100% return on investment in about 12 months. 50 watts are required to run each halogen bulb and IstoriaLEDs, like MR16 LEDs, takes only 4.4 watts.  You may pay more per bulb when you buy LEDs but the money you save on energy costs adds up very quickly.

Overall LED lights are one of the best choices for at home, business and corporate applications. If you use LEDs you save money, save time and save the environment. How can anyone argue with that?


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