LED Bulbs – Market Leader by 2015

As governments around the world face tougher deadlines for lowering energy consumptions and many people look to save money during the current economic climate, LEDs are increasingly being found in more and more applications.

LED Bulb Uses

Whether you are a shop owner who has recently installed AR111 LED bulbs to cut lighting bills, or a homeowner who has bought AR111 LEDs as part of a renovation – LED bulbs are fast becoming a fantastic energy saving bulb compared to traditional lights. Furthermore, LED bulbs are fantastic alternatives to other energy saving bulbs such as CFLs.

A recent study by the Energy Saving Trust (EST) predicted that the use of LED technology may dominate the lighting industry by 2015 – merely 3 years away.

The same report also suggested that many people prefer the light quality of LEDs to traditional lights – especially in outside areas. Due to LED lights increased colour temperature and brightness, areas outside were much more brightly lit with a more natural light temperature. This made many residents feel safer and more secure – whether the LEDs were fitted in car parks, balconies or in streetlamps.

Saving Energy with LED Bulbs

But what about the technicalities of LED technology? How much can you save?

There are many different types of LED bulbs that you can install in your home.  Some of the most common are spotlights such as:

Whilst there can be a high price point, their long term savings, energy efficiency and lower maintenance costs means that you can see a return on your investment in just a year!  Some AR111 LED lights and other varieties can have a life of up to 50,000 hours – far exceeding that of traditional lights.

Furthermore, LED bulbs are as much as 90% more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs – further cementing LEDs as an economical and energy saving solution for all types of lighting.

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